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Flexible Cooled CCD Camera for Microscopes

The SPOT RT3 microscope camera is the laboratory workhorse, easy to use and excellent for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. The SPOT RT3 is the latest version from the popular SPOT RT camera line, combining improved performance with FireWire connectivity.

The SPOT RT3 offers:

  • High speed live preview mode
  • FireWire 1394a connectivity
  • 14-bit readout
  • Low 16 e- read noise
  • 0.003 e/p/s dark current
  • -43°C differential Peltier cooling
  • Monochrome and color slider models available
  • SPOT imaging software included

The SPOT RT3 microscope camera is available in monochrome and color models. It is also available in a color slider model that offers users the flexibility of capturing images in either color or monochrome without the need to purchase two individual cameras. The color imaging mode can be used for brightfield stained tissue samples, and the monochrome mode is used for fluorescence imaging when maximum sensitivity is needed.

SPOT RT3 - the most flexible microscope camera ever made!

Catalog Number Description Specifications Price Information
RT2500 SPOT RT3 Monochrome PDF Download $8,199 Request Information
SPOT RT3 Monochrome with IR Filter
PDF Download
Request Information
RT2520 SPOT RT3 Color PDF Download $8,199 Request Information
RT2540 SPOT RT3 Color Slider PDF Download $10,495 Request Information