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SPOT Imaging Solutions Products

SPOT Imaging Solutions manufactures and distributes scientific imaging equipment.

Digital Cameras >>

The SPOT digital cameras for microscopy are the market leader in reliability, durability and quiet electronics. A full range of cameras are available including budget-friendly CMOS color camera models, pixel-shifting models that provide incredible resolution, and Peltier-cooled models for low light applications.

Software >>

SPOT Basic software is a simple to use image capture application that comes with the SPOT cameras. SPOT Advanced is a modular application that provides more sophisticated control over camera functions. MetaMorph software provides an image processing toolkit for quantitative image analysis.

Boom Stands>>

The boom stands from SPOT Imaging Solutions provide stable support and fluid motion for stereo microscopes and cameras, with a variety of base options.

Integrated Macro Imaging for Pathology Grossing Laboratories>>

The PathStation macro imaging system is built right into existing grossing stations, enabling you to add imaging to your workflow without losing time or space in your laboratory. The PathWall macro imaging system mounts to your laboratory wall to conserve space, while providing an imaging station for documentation in pathology reports.


Upright, stereo and inverted microscopes from Carl Zeiss are known to have the best optics in the world.

Microscope Adapters>>

Microscope to camera adapters for current and legacy microscope models.

Lighted Bases>>

These stereo microscope stands provide an ergonomic and stable stereo microscope platform, with optional cold lighting and epi-illumination.

Macro Imaging Stands>>

The PathStand 24 and PathStand 40 macro imaging stands are complete LIS-ready imaging workstations for documentation of grossing samples.