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Microscopy Imaging Software

All SPOT cameras come with SPOT Basic software, the user friendly imaging application that makes it simple to capture high quality images.

You can expand your capabilities by adding the modular SPOT Advanced software, which provides tools for fluorescence imaging and database archival, and supports modules for intensity display scaling, extended depth of focus processing, and peripheral device control.

Image analysis tasks like automated counting, deconvolution, thresholding and multi-dimensional imaging can also be accomplished with your SPOT camera using MetaMorph software and the SPOT camera driver.

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SPOT Basic Software Version 5.0

SPOT 5.1 Basic Software

The SPOT Basic software is a comprehensive but straighforward interface with features designed for microscopy imaging. Its interface includes preconfigured settings for different microscope illumination types so that the camera is optimized for your specific use. Image previewing is enhanced with the magnifier and focus gauge in the SPOT Basic live window interface. It provides user-friendly reports, reticles, measurements, calibration marks, time lapse, annotations, and automatic white balance features that make it simple to acquire impressive images.

SPOT Advanced Software Version 5.0

SPOT 5.1 Advanced Software

The SPOT Advanced microscopy software expands your imaging toolkit with a customizable database for archival, merging and pseudo-coloring of monochrome fluorescence channels, custom dialog boxes, variables and taskbars, macro scripting, live histogram, focus drift viewer for time lapse acquisition, image metadata, automatic background subtraction, external trigger options, and many other useful features. Optional modules for peripheral device control, quantitative imaging, extended third party software interfacing, and extended depth of focus processing can be added to the SPOT 5.1 Advanced software to support specialized applications.
MetaMorph image analysis software

MetaMorph Image Analysis Software

MetaMorph is designed for demanding quantitative needs in research applications. Its toolbox includes cell counting, deconvolution, image stitching, ratio and calcium imaging, FRET/FRAP, and multi-dimensional imaging. MetaMorph controls SPOT cameras through a custom driver and can also control other manufacturer's cameras and peripherals.

SPOT Basic
SPOT Advanced with Modules
Full Screen Live Image Preview
Image Annotations Including Lines, Arrows, Circles, Shapes, Pictures, Text
Exportable Measurements Including Area, Perimeter, Length, Angle and Diameter
Time Lapse Imaging
Automatic White Balance
Image Magnifier
Live Image Contrast, Saturation and Color Temperature Adjustments
Custom and Preconfigured Color Palettes for Coloring Monochrome Images  
Menu-driven Macro Scripting  
User-defined Floating Taskbars  
Exportable Database  
Automatic Background Subtraction  
Image Meta Data  
Custom Dialog Box Creation  
Saturated Pixel Display  
Support for Extension Modules  
Peripheral Device Control   included in optional PDC module
Extended Depth of Focus   included in optional EDF module
Intensity Display Scaling   included in optional QI module
Cell Counting with Thresholding    
Image Stitching    
Brightness Measurements    
FISH/FRAP/FRET and Colocalization Studies    
PC or Mac
PC or Mac
PC only
included with SPOT camera purchase or $159 for updates
starts at $599 for SPOT Advanced without modules
starts at $2459 for offline version w/o acquisition module
Key: *: Best Choice for Application : Capable +: Capability Surpasses Application x: Not Recommended
SPOT Basic
SPOT Advanced with Modules
Routine Fluorescence
Extreme Low Light Fluorescence