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PathStation 2 Macro Imaging System
In-Hood Image Capture for the Surgical Pathology Gross Room with HD Video Conferencing

Built-in digital imaging that doesn't disrupt your workflow.

The PathSuite 2 Software interface provides simple OneClick-Plus camera control configured for your laboratory’s workflow. A hands-free foot switch saves time. The newly re-designed software is clean, logical, and clutter-free for instant image storage to case files on your file server or LIS. Barcode scanning improves sample tracking and quality assurance. Seamless remote conferencing enables high resolution live consultation with the operating room.

Patient Outcomes are Improved with Video Assisted Pathology Consultations

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The PathStation 2 in-hood digital imaging system makes it easy to capture, annotate, measure, share, and save high quality images of gross specimens. Its small form factor camera enclosure and mounted touch screen monitor takes up minimal workspace in the grossing station.

PathStation 2
The new standard for gross specimen documentation.

PathStation 2 macro digital imaging for pathology grossing stations

Efficient Workflow for Pathology

The PathStation 2 comes with a fully enclosed HD camera with 16x motorized zoom. Automatic focusing makes it simple to get crisp detailed pictures. The PathSuite™ 2 software that controls the system is simple and easy to use. With on-screen block and section lines, freehand drawing, annotations and measurements, PathSuite 2 software includes all routine functions, and it can be easily customized if your laboratory has special requirements. Images can be saved directly to your LIS or file server.

Live Teleconferencing For Remote Consultations with the Operating Room

Images from the grossing room can be live streamed directly to the surgical suite at 1080p resolution, enabling consultations between pathologists and surgeons to facilitate greater diagnostic accuracy and reduce turnaround times.

Save Space in your Grossing Hood

Forget about fumbling with memory cards and using a cumbersome point and shoot camera - the PathStation 2 is a fully integrated system with lab hardened components and washable, formalin-resistant monitor. It can be added to any brand of grossing station, including those from Mopec®, Sakura and Thermo Scientific. With only the small form factor HD camera in your grossing workstation, minimal workspace is used.