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Microscopes for Education

SPOT Imaging Solutions offers complete solutions for microscopy in education. Here you will find upright, inverted, and stereo microscope packages tailor-made for students and teachers.

All of our packages include Carl Zeiss microscopes, which have the best optical performance and most innovative features available for the classroom. No other microscopes offer the intelligent functionality that makes these systems so robust and easy to operate. The exceptional Carl Zeiss optics produce unmatched clarity and detail that inspires students and enhances their learning experience.

Invest in Educational Microscopes with Lasting Value

  • Superior optical performance from Carl Zeiss
  • Durable construction withstands years of classroom use
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

SPOT imaging specialists provide expert configuration, installation and training on the microscope systems, and they'll be your one-stop support center, making it simple and easy to outfit your institution with "genuine Zeiss" equipment.

  • Upright
  • Stereo
  • Inverted
Zeiss Primo Star Educational Microscope

Upright Microscope Systems

SPOT Imaging Solutions’ high quality compound microscope packages are ideal for education. Designed using the Zeiss Primo Star microscope, you get the perfect balance of affordability, durability and image quality. Optional accessories allow a full range of configurations from economical student systems to fully configured teacher presentation systems.
Zeiss Stemi Stereo Microscope for Educational Use

Stereo Microscope Systems

Stereo microscope packages are available in three configurations to fit different classroom needs. Student systems with the economical Zeiss DV4 stereo microscope or with the wider zoom range Zeiss Stemi 2000 stereo microscope make large samples come to life. Stereo microscopes with digital imaging enable teachers to add high quality photomicrographs to their presentations or zoom and pan through a live image display in HD resolution on the projector screen.
PathStand 24 Macro Imaging Station

Inverted Microscope Systems

The Zeiss Primo Vert inverted microscope is ideal for tissue culture and live cell work. The Primo Vert offers modular illumination with halogen lights or LEDs and features a unique "eco" function to conserve bulb life and energy consumption when not in use, a great feature for the classroom. Individual Primo Vert microscopes, multi-observation microscopes with sharable, integrated monitors, and instructor microscopes including HD-output digital cameras for live presentations are available.