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cameras, microscopes, and macro imaging systems for science and industry
SPOT Imaging Solutions Integrated Systems

SPOT Imaging Solutions provides complete systems for scientific imaging, built with high quality components from trusted manufacturers. Systems are configured for your needs and budget by our digital imaging specialists, who also provide installation, training and support at your facility. SPOT Imaging Solutions is your source for superior imaging equipment.

Microscopes and Imaging Systems for Clinical Applications >>

SPOT Imaging Solutions provides a wide range of turnkey systems for microscopy, micro-dissection, and macro imaging for clinical laboratories. Upright and stereo microscopes from Carl Zeiss with optional digital imaging, in-hood macro imaging systems, and macro imaging stands for grossing rooms are available.

Microscopes for Educational Applications >>

Carl Zeiss teacher and student microscopes provide long lasting value in the classroom. Stereo, inverted and traditional compound microscopes, and scientific digital cameras for presentation are configured and priced to match your institution's needs and budget by the SPOT digital imaging specialists.