Picture of the BlocDoc paraffin block documentation system with inset details showing the enhanced cut surface and the rotary sample holder

BlocDoc™ Provides Assurance of Tissue Completeness

(*-US & International Patent Pending)

Pathologist are great at making diagnostic determinations on the images and data they view.

Now consider for a moment if not all the tissue is being viewed…

… Pathologist cannot diagnose what they cannot see!

This was the question that the CAP committee on Digital Pathology Workflow asked and included as a goal for future accreditation checklists:


Does the Lab have a quality check to assure that relevant tissue is:

1.       Being cut from the block

2.       Making it onto the raw slide

3.       Is present in the final stained slide

4.       Is scanned into the whole slide image


Pathologist and pathology directors would like to answer these questions, but in the face of falling reimbursement and rising caseloads, they do not have the resources to manually audit the hundreds of blocks and raw slides that pass through their labs every day. 


In the current workflow…        What Should be done, Can’t be done.


No Pathologist or laboratory director should be faced with this compromise. Solving this problem isn’t about heroics and staff overtime, it is about having an efficient tool that fits your process and provides clear reference images during the slide examination.


SPOT Imaging combines dedicated pathology focus and over 53 years’ experience to bring you  BocDoc™ – Block and Slide Documentation System

BlocDoc Provides…

·         Macro Image Capture of Cut Paraffin Blocks

·         Macro Image Capture of Raw and Stained Slides

·         Supporting Both Standard and Whole Mount Preparations

·         Auto Image Capture and File Saving Based on Cassette and Slide Barcodes

Annotated image pointing out highlights of the BlocDoc Software interface.
Software Interface

Enhanced Images Even Better than Physical Samples

Accreditation Checklist You Can’t Diagnose What You Don’t See!

Pathology Societies around the world have recognized that tissue may be missing from the final slide or WSI image impacting the diagnosis made 1. As a result, Accreditation Checklists 2,3,4 have been updated to include a requirement for a tissue tracking and review process.

Cost Effective Solutions

Poorly designed solutions lengthen process times making them costly to run. Lab managers have neither budget nor the space to employ additional staff, making the selection of a well thought out solution with streamlined workflows essential.

Close up of cut surface

Bloc Doc for the Lab

Extensive Sample Documentation

BlocDoc’s patented* imaging process provides enhanced views of the block’s cut surface as well as views of the subsurface, uncut tissue. This eases the visualization of what tissue made it to the slide and what tissue is still in the block. Additional images provide documentation of the raw unstained slide’s sample ribbon supporting reviews of each tissue level before and after staining. The BlocDoc system not only makes the tissue review process more convenient it makes the review more clear. BlocDoc is purpose designed to save your lab time and operating budget.
*Patent Pending