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Imaging Systems for Pathology
Micro and Macro Imaging for Clinical Applications

SPOT Imaging Solutions provides a wide range of turnkey systems for microscopy, micro-dissection, and macro imaging, as well as scientific digital cameras that can be added to existing microscopes. Our systems facilitate pathology consultations with support for remote video conferencing.

Patient Outcomes are Improved with Video Assisted Pathology Consultations

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Our digital imaging specialists, backed by the engineers at SPOT Imaging Solutions and Carl Zeiss, use their extensive experience to configure an optimal system to meet your goals and budget, saving you both time and money. Unlike some companies, where service ends once you place your purchase order, at SPOT that’s just the start of bringing you great value. The SPOT digital imaging specialists install the systems in your laboratory and provide on-site training for you and your technicians. Our PathScope and PathStation have built-in equipment SPOT digital imaging specialists also provide service and support for the whole system, so you don't have to deal with multiple vendors. SPOT Imaging Solutions makes it simple and easy to outfit your laboratory with high quality equipment.

Pathology Imaging System Features

  • Remote video conferencing
  • Integration with your LIS system
  • Bar code scanning
  • Foot pedal control
  • Exceptional support
  • Microscope
  • Microdissection
  • Gross
  • Microscope
PathScope microscope imaging system with HD video teleconferencing

PathScope Clinical Microscope Systems

PathScope systems are complete microscope workstations designed to meet the needs of clinicians. PathScope systems range from entry level, observation only systems, through systems with premium objectives, ergonomic observation tubes and full digital imaging capabilities. PathScope Systems also include collaborative configurations to meet the needs of teaching institutions.

PathStereo Stereo Microscope Imaging Systems

PathStereo systems are integrated Zeiss Stemi stereo microscope systems for surgical pathology dissection. Their modular design and incredibly sharp optics improve diagnosis accuracy without slowing down your work. The PathStereo systems range from simple stereomicroscopes to those with illuminated support bases, scientific microscope cameras, and LIS-compatible software.
PathStand 24 Macro Imaging Station

PathStand 24 and PathStand 40 Free Standing Macro Imaging Stands

Free standing stations are dedicated areas that can be shared by groups of laboratory technicians who can bring their work to the station for documentation. All free standing stations come with high resolution camera, motorized lens,sealed computer and color-calibrated lighting. The sharability of the stations make them a cost-effective way of adding imaging to your laboratory.

PathStation 2 in-hood imaging system for gross pathology

PathStation 2 In-Hood Macro Imaging Systems

Integrating digital imaging into grossing workstations and fume hoods enables photo documentation and intraoperative pathology consultations to become a seamless part of the pathology workflow. Each system includes HD camera with autofocus, motorized lens, and touchscreen monitor, computer, and configurable, easy to use teleconferencing software.

PathWall wall-mounted imaging system for surgical pathology gross room

PathWall Wall-Mounted Macro Imaging Systems

The PathWall macro imaging systerms are mounted to the laboratory wall to save space in the pathology grossing room, and to enable sharing between multiple workstations. Each mounted system includes high resolution camera, motorized lens,sealed computer and color-calibrated lighting.

SPOT Flex high resolution microscope camera

SPOT Flex™ Camera

The SPOT Flex shifting pixel CCD camera provides extremely high resolution, cooling, and a large field of view, producing impressive detail for large prints and low magnification microscopy applications. The SPOT Flex cameras are available in monochrome and color versions.9
SPOT Insight Gigabit Ethernet camera

SPOT Insight™ Gigabit Camera

The SPOT Insight Gigabit digital CCD cameras combine high resolution, high frame rate and low noise to provide superior performance for brightfield as well as fluorescence applications. The Insight Gigabit provides a large field of view matching your eyepieces that can be resized to HDTV to match your projector, making it an excellent solution for teaching and presentations. As an LAN based camera, the Insight Gigabit cameras can be shared between students or laboratories. They are available in both color and monochrome models.
SPOT Insight digital laboratory camera

SPOT Insight™ Camera

The SPOT Insight scientific digital CCD cameras produce high quality brightfield images and are suitable for bright fluorescence work due to their low noise electronics. SPOT Insight cameras provide performance well beyond most cameras in its class due to its quantitative design and research grade components. They are available in wide field of view versions, and in both color and monochrome models for laboratory imaging.
SPOT Idea USB microscope camera

SPOT Idea™ USB Camera

The SPOT Idea USB microscopy cameras deliver high impact images for journal publication and industrial documentation at an economical price. The vivid color images will enhance your work. The SPOT Idea cameras are a great choice for pathology, life and material sciences, as well as the inspection and educational applications.
Spot HDVision high definition color video camera for microscopy

SPOT HDVision™ High Definition Video Camera

The SPOT HDVision cameras provide video microscopy imaging for conferences and classrooms. No computer is necessary - the HDVision cameras connect directly to HD monitors. High definition quality enhances presentations and captures attention.