Pathology Barcode Sample Tracking and Quality Assurance

SPOT pathology barcode sample tracking and quality assurance systems provide the next level of tracking and tissue assessment by documenting digital images of the cut block, as well as addressing in-process, bulk scanning of cassettes and slides. These issues compound with the expansion of hospital networks and the remote siting of central pathology labs.

The drivers of the issues are:

  • Labor-intensive processes by which scanning and inspection are currently carried out.
  • Dramatic increase the number of cassettes and slides handled each day with the addition of new hospitals to the network
  • Transport of cassettes and slides between hospitals, labs and pathology offices.
  • Unavailability of the cut block due to remote siting of labs

In the current processes the pathology directors and lab mangers are faced with an uneasy decision of determining how many mistakes are acceptable versus the cost of adding personnel or working staff overtime to meet a higher standard.

SPOT Imaging addresses these issues by providing innovative technology that is fast, accurate and easy to use, all at a fraction of the cost of adding the resources otherwise needed.

Sample Tracking and Documentation Solutions

Block Doc


-Paraffin Block and Raw Slide Documentation System

BlocDoc is an automated imaging system that documents the cut surface and subsurface tissue on paraffin blocks as well as providing macro image documentation of raw and stain slides.

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-Bulk Barcode Reader and Tracking System

PathTracker provides bulk scanning of cassette processing and transport containers as well as slide folders across the histology process. It can be configured as a standalone tracking system or integrated to your LIS barcode tracking system

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