Direct Image Projection Microscope Adapters

SPOT Imaging direct image projection adapters are high quality adapters that connect cameras that have C-mount or F-mount lens mounts to microscopes.

Low Profile

Positions camera CCD chip at the intermediate image plane, close to the microscope for greater stability, convenience and aesthetics. Because of this design, direct image projection adapters require that the microscope’s phototube is removable.

Quality Optical Design

Produces crisp, flat-field images with all microscope objectives including apochromats, plan fluorites and achromats.

Economically Priced

Price range 13 – 250% lower than other manufacturers.


Precise machining provides parfocality between the microscope and the TV monitor.

Wide Field of View

0.50X (for 1/2″ CCD), 0.63X (for 2/3″ CCD) and our new 0.55X (for SPOT cameras with Sony Pregius 2/3″ sensors) provide a wide field of view on the monitor.  Also available in 1.0x, 1.2x, 2.0x and 2.5x magnifications for larger camera sensors.