HRD Microscope Adapters

SPOT Imaging high resolution digital adapters are high quality adapters that connect cameras that have C-mount or F-mount lens mounts to microscopes.

Relay Lens Design

High resolution digital (HRD) adapters include relay lenses that project the microscope intermediate image onto the camera’s sensor. This design allows the HRD adapters to be used on older microscopes that have non-removable phototubes as well as current model microscopes.

Variety of Camera Mounts

Nikon F-mount and C-mount versions are available.


The HRD series adapters can be mounted to virtually any new or legacy model microscope. The HRD adapters slide into a microscope-specific bottom clamp, which enables the camera and HRD series adapter to be easily moved between microscopes.

High Resolution

High resolution optics provide sharp, high contrast, flat-field images.  The HRD adapters have been specially designed to give higher resolution with digital cameras and feature a fully multi-coated lens system.

Precise Focusing

Precise, easy to use focusing mechanism for parfocality adjustment.  A lockable twist-style focus mechanism is standard on all HRD series adapters.

Elegant Finish

A black anodized satin finish adds an elegant look to the system.