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SPOT Imaging Announces Cost-Saving Sample Tracking, Storage and Management Solutions
New suite of time-saving products address pathology, cytology and histology laboratory staffing shortages and storage inefficiencies.

SPOT Imaging: Cost-Saving Sample Tracking, Storage and Management Solutions
STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., December 1, 2022 ( – SPOT Imaging proudly announces a new generation of sample-tracking and administration tools designed specifically to address today’s staffing shortages and storage accuracy concerns. BlocDoc™, PathTracker™ and PathArchiv™ operate as an integrated system – or separately within existing lab systems – to significantly transform the efficiency and precision of the sample-tracking process.

Created in association with leading pathologists, SPOT Imaging’s new product suite delivers cost savings and superior accuracy. Pathology, cytology and histology laboratories no longer need extensive teams of experienced laboratory technicians for sample handling.

BlocDoc™ turns physical paraffin blocks into digital assets for quick electronic sharing and tracking instead of a technician physically addressing and shipping samples. The digital assets make questions of tissue completeness trivial and routine rather than a labor-intensive, exceptional request, meeting the intent of the CAP Accreditation Committee when they added this requirement to the laboratory accreditation checklist.

PathTracker™ bulk scans cassette and slide transport containers, across the histology process, ensuring the timely recovery of lost or late samples. Time-consuming and error-prone hand scanning is replaced with a simple image and electronic scan of the full container that is 8-18 times faster than hand scanning. Captured barcodes are automatically uploaded to an LIS.

PathArchiv™, a file room sample management system, virtually eliminates lost samples and saves 4-8 times the full-time equivalent technician resource, providing 30% greater storage density while fitting directly on most existing shelving units. When samples are loaned, PathArchiv™ automatically tracks the destination and return due date. Its non-sequential workflow filing methodology eliminates refiling costs.

“SPOT Imaging provides state-of-the-art technology to solve the most pressing problems administrators and pathologists face today: too few technicians to handle an overabundance of samples and data,” states Philip Merlo, Vice President, SPOT Imaging. “Each of our new products will work with existing laboratory computing and storage infrastructure. Our collaboration with pathologists delivers products that meet real-world challenges in cost-effective and time-efficient ways.”

On-site demonstrations of BlocDoc™, PathTracker™ and PathArchiv™ are available to laboratories endeavoring to achieve substantial cost-savings and greater tracking accuracy.

About SPOT Imaging

SPOT Imaging provides end-to-end imaging solutions specifically designed for histology, cytology and pathology laboratories. The company’s technologies substantially improve workflow efficiencies while increasing sample accuracy through the automated digitization of sample assets that provides the foundation for virtual sharing and tracking across the laboratory workflow and network user base.

Featuring proprietary designs and in-house manufacturing, SPOT Imaging is recognized worldwide for the ease of use, excellent performance and high reliability of its imaging products and end-to-end solutions. SPOT Imaging digital cameras and extended systems are integral to the operations of some of the most prestigious medical institutions, including Duke University, the University of Michigan, Stanford University, the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. For more information, visit:

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