PathStation Macro Imaging System for Grossing Rooms

The PathStation macro digital imaging system makes it easy to capture, annotate, measure, share, and save high quality images of gross specimens in the frozen section room. Its fully enclosed HD camera and touch screen monitor take up minimal workspace in your grossing station. Automatic focusing makes it simple to get crisp, detailed pictures. In addition, De-gloving is unnecessary because the system can be controlled hands-free with the foot pedal.

Barcode scanning facilitates sample tracking and quality assurance. Allowing seamless remote conferencing enables high resolution live consultation with the operating room for interoperative consults. Annotations and scale bars can be added automatically upon image capture, taking no time at all. PathStation adds digital imaging without reducing your case throughput.

Complete Digital Gross Imaging Solution Ensures Productive Workflow

SPOT’s PathStation comes with everything you need to add image capture to your grossing process without workflow disruption. Equally Important, case numbers are scanned in with the bar code scanner. The camera displays live video at 30 frames/second at HD resolution, and can be controlled hands free with the foot pedal. Annotations can be added with a gloved finger on the touchscreen computer. To summarize, SPOT PathStation is a turnkey system thoughtfully designed for optimal productivity.

PathStation HD camera

Compact Camera Conserves Workspace

PathStation’s HD camera can be added to any brand of grossing station, including those from Mopec®, Sakura and Thermo Scientific, to name a few. Because the camera is only about the size of a coffee cup, minimal workspace is used.

The PathStation Macro Imaging System is Built to Last in the Grossing Room

Our PathStation camera is fully enclosed in aluminum, so it’s easy to clean and impervious to ink spatters and other contaminants. The keyboard and mouse are sealed, and the support brackets are made of anti-corrosive stainless steel, just like your grossing station. In addition, industrial construction means this system will be in use for years to come.

Pathologist working at PathStation

Easy to Use PathSuite Software

The new PathSuite™ 3 Software was designed with feedback directly from pathologists, pathology assistants and IT professionals to optimize workflow. The interface is packed with useful features for the frozen section room, further more, the One-Click Plus™ design keeps it easy to use.

On-screen block and section lines, freehand drawing, annotations and measurements are a snap to add with the simple touch-screen interface so the images can be transferred directly to your LIS system or saved to your file system.

Image of Gross specimen with callouts

PathSuite Screen with Telepathology

Remote Consults in HD Resolution with PathStation

Images from the grossing room can be live streamed at 1080p resolution, providing pathology consultations with incredible detail to facilitate greater diagnostic accuracy and equally important, reduce turnaround times.

Team Benefits


Diagnostic quality images, live real-time HD performance, intuitive and easy to use, improved productivity, therefore creating a reduction in travel costs and time


Easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, Audit trails, Simple LIS connectivity


Viewing grossing room information from the surgical suite saves time in the OR


Improves profitability by reducing pathologist liability, business growth

Some of Our Happy Customers using the PathStation

Alberta Health Services
Kaiser Permanente
Tricore Reference Laboratories
temple university hospital
Walter Reed National Medical Center
Duke Medicine

White Papers

Improved Patient Outcomes with Telepathology Consults

A review of published studies indicates that video conferencing support of intraoperative pathology consultation contributes not only to improved patient outcomes, and equally important it reduces liability and results in significant time savings for the hospital, pathology lab and surgical personnel.

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The New Imaging Standard

PathStation macro imaging system for pathology

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