SPOT Basic Software

The SPOT Basic™ image capture software enables microscopists to create publication quality pictures easily.  The live image window provides a preview of the image capture so you can see how the image will look before you capture it. The live image window is ideal for panning through slides to locate areas of interest, and its focus gauge and detail magnifier enable fast and precise focusing. Color temperature, contrast and automatic white balance options create excellent color fidelity. Acquiring flawless images or image sequences is as effortless as a single mouse click.

After image capture, measurements, reticles, calibration marks, and other enhancements can be applied. Image sequences can be played back as a movie. Images can be dropped into a SPOT report for printing, or saved in several different file formats for publication or printing. The SPOT Basic software together with a SPOT digital camera provides a simple but effective way to enhance your professional image.

SPOT Basic Software At a Glance

Watch how simple it is to capture high quality images with your SPOT camera in this introductory video.

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  • SPOT 5.6 supports 4K UltraHD when using the Insight 5MP and 12Mp cameras
  • Compatible with current Windows operating systems
  • Clean and simple tabbed user interface
  • Measurements and reticles can be applied to the live and captured images to aid counting and inspection applications
  • Magnification of the live image with the SPOT Magnifier brings out fine detail simply
  • Each user can have their own login for secure settings and preferences
  • Pixel smoothing improves image appearance when zoomed in
  • Color temperature adjustment ensures excellent color fidelity

SPOT Basic Software Options

Catalog Number Description Quotations Purchase Online Price
SPOT56B SPOT Basic Software with Physical Installation Media (USB Thumb Drive) Request a Quote Buy Now See Webstore
SPOT56BE SPOT Basic Software Electronic Download Request a Quote Buy Now See Webstore