OEM Imaging

SPOT Imaging has partnered with system integrators from around the globe helping them reach imaging goals for over 40 years. We offer many flexible options, from board-level modules for private labelled enclosures to completely new custom camera designs made to your specifications. Let us help you become successful with your next project.

High Resolution, High Frame Rate, AND Low Noise

Here at SPOT Imaging we concentrate on balancing and tweaking our circuitry to lower electronic noise without sacrificing speed. By putting this effort up front, we are able to bring more sensitivity to our cameras using reliable, cost effective components. We offer a wide variety of digital cameras for your low light applications.

Wide Range of CCD & CMOS Image Sensors

SPOT Imaging has developed close relationships with the leading manufactures of CCD and CMOS sensors. We are always looking ahead to bring you the most recent technology available and incorporate it into our scientific grade cameras.

Standardized SDK with Software Support Included

Integrating our cameras into your software application is a straightforward process using our Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). Our highly configurable SDK uses a C API and includes a C/C++ header file for function and parameter declaration. Our SDK enables tight integration without requiring additional runtime dependencies to make your application easier to maintain. It is clearly written and well documented, and sample code is included.

We support Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The API supports our entire range of digital camera models, so migrating to different camera models if your application changes does not require extensive re-engineering. Our SDK is released to qualified system integrators and OEMs without an additional licensing fee. In keeping with our 360° Support philosophy, access to our software engineers is encouraged to help you get up and running using our SDK ASAP.

Full 360° Support

We understand how frustrating it is when a vendor crafts layers into their communication chain and keeps the customer from reaching the right person who has the answer to a critical question. Here at SPOT Imaging, we encourage peer-to-peer communication. From your first contact with SPOT Imaging to the delivery of your product, you will experience the confidence and comfort that your project is a priority of every SPOT Imaging department.

Proven Camera Reliability

We use only time-tested, proven components in our products, so we can provide long lasting solutions with very low return rates. All of our cameras come with a full 2 year warranty.

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Linda Merlo
OEM Business Manager
Office: (586) 731-6000 ext. 15
Cell: (248) 763-8859
Email: linda.a.merlo@spotimaging.com