What’s New in SPOT Software

SPOT Basic Software for Microscopy

SPOT Basic

SPOT Advanced Software for Microscopy

SPOT Advanced

Windows 7, 8 and 10* (32 and 64-bit) Support
Mac OS Mojave* (v10.14) Support
“Merge All Layers” Option in Taskbar and Custom Dialog Menus
Auto-Save Settings Displayed in Status Bar
Improved Color Quality on Color Mosaic Images
Live Image Control Dialog Remembers Last Used Scroll Position
User Logins- Secured Settings and Preferences
Measurements in Live Mode
Reticles for Live Preview and Captured Images- Circle, Grid, Crosshair, Rectangle
Correct Color Technology Enhancements
Image Magnifier for Live Preview (Advanced only) and Captured Images
Pixel Smoothing for Live Preview and Captured Images
Multiple Monitor Support
Auto-Save Interface Enhancements
Refreshed User Interface – New Toolbar Icons
Shorthand Auto Complete Text
Expanded System Information Supplied in About SPOT Dialog
Correction File Displays Are Now Camera Specific
Expanded Aspect Ratio Options
Auto Show Pan Window Option
Image Profile Auto Save
New Tabbed Interface
Mouse Dragging Support for Zoom
Automatic Image Resize Option
Custom Dialogue Box Builder
Boolean Variable Support
Image Metadata Support
Text and Numeric Enumeration Variable Type Support
Resizable Macro Editor
Many New Macro Commands
Peripheral Device Control Available in Optional Peripheral Device Control Module
Intensity Display Scaling Available in Optional Quantitative Imaging Module
Extended Depth of Focus Function Available in Optional Extended Depth of Focus Module
Maximum Projection Function Available in Optional Extended Depth of Focus Module
Exportable Pixel Values Available in Optional Quantitative Imaging Module
Best Contrast Image Function Available in Optional Extended Depth of Focus Module
Full Access to SPOT Advanced Software Functions in TWAIN-Compliant Third Party Applications on Windows Available in Optional Extended TWAIN Module
Full Access to SPOT Advanced Software Functions in Mac Third Party Software Applications Available in Optional Extended Third Party Interface Module

*Note: PCI- and PCIe-connected cameras are not supported