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Macro Imaging Systems

Turnkey Macro Digital Imaging for Pathology Grossing Rooms, Forensic Laboratories, and Industrial Inspection

SPOT Imaging Solutions manufactures scientific quality turnkey systems for close-up photography. Utilizing the SPOT line of scientific digital cameras, these systems produce clear, low noise images with a workflow that fits into your current processes, saving time and increasing your productivity.

Our pathology imaging systems are designed for the grossing room environment. They include free-standing macro stands, wall-mounted cameras, and stands that fit right into pathology grossing stations, all with integrated washable touchscreen computers that transfer images directly into laboratory information systems.

The economical SprintPic macro imaging system is useful for a wide range of applications, including evidence documentation, industrial quality inspection, or as a lower cost option for pathology grossing rooms. It can be mounted on a lighted copy stand, boom arm, or articulating arm, so it can be used in a variety of workspaces.

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SPOT Imaging Solutions Macro Imaging System

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PathStand 24 Macro Imaging Station

Macro Imaging Stands

Free standing stations are dedicated areas that can be shared by groups of laboratory technicians who can bring their work to the station for documentation. All free standing stations come with high resolution camera, motorized lens, sealed computer and color-calibrated lighting. The sharability of the stations make them a cost-effective way of adding imaging to your laboratory.

PathStation 2 in-hood imaging system for gross pathology

PathStation 2 In-Hood Macro Imaging Systems

Integrating digital imaging into grossing workstations and fume hoods enables photo documentation and intraoperative pathology consultations to become a seamless part of the pathology workflow. Each system includes an HD camera with autofocus, motorized lens, touchscreen monitor, computer, and configurable, easy-to-use teleconferencing software.

PathWall wall-mounted imaging system for surgical pathology gross room

PathWall Wall-Mounted Macro Imaging Systems

The PathWall macro imaging systerms are mounted to the laboratory wall to save space in the pathology grossing room, and to enable sharing between multiple workstations. Each mounted system includes high resolution camera, motorized lens, sealed computer, and color-calibrated lighting.

SprintPic Macro Imaging System on Lighted Copy Stand

SprintPic Macro Imaging Systems

SprintPic turnkey macro systems come with a scientific color digital camera, motorized zoom lens and user-friendly software that controls the system, making it easy to capture great digital images quickly on your computer. The SprintPic camera and macro lens can be mounted on a lighted copy stand, to a boom stand to increase clearance, or to a wall mount to conserve space. SprintPic systems are excellent for crime labs, pathology grossing rooms, and industrial inspection.