Zeiss Light Microscopes

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Carl Zeiss Microscopes

The Zeiss commitment to high quality standards and uncompromised design aligns nicely with the core values of SPOT Imaging Solutions. Purchasing a Zeiss microscope from SPOT Imaging Solutions gives you the combined support, experience, and resources of both SPOT Imaging Solutions and Carl Zeiss.

Superior microscope optics.

Unmatched quality.

Amazing support.

SPOT Imaging Solutions carries all the latest microscopes and accessories from Carl Zeiss. Whether you are looking for a simple stereo microscope or a sophisticated research microscope system, we have what you need.

Compound Microscopes

SPOT Insight Gigabit Ethernet microscope camera

Zeiss Axio Lab A1 Upright Microscope

The Axio Lab.A1 is a compact upright microscope for daily laboratory applications in both the bioscience and materials markets. All applications in brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, POL and reflected light can be performed readily with the full range of Zeiss IC 2 objectives. Axio Lab.A1 has been designed with economic efficiency in mind and provides brilliant image quality at an affordable price.

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SPOT Flex high resolution microscope camera

Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Upright Microscope

Axio Scope is the multitalented light microscope for routine biological and industrial applications. The flexible Axio Scope system consists of a variety of microscope modules and stand options, including transmitted-light, reflected light and fluorescence LED illumination.

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SPOT Idea USB microscope camera

Zeiss Primo Star Upright Microscope

The Primo Star has been developed with long-term use and great durability in mind. It incorporates all the experience gathered by Carl Zeiss in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for educational purposes.

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Stereo Microscopes

SPOT Insight digital laboratory camera

Zeiss Stemi 2000 Stereo Microscope

Carl Zeiss Stemi 2000 Stereo Microscopes are indisputably among the best in their class. Their excellence in contrast, depth of field and resolving power makes them the number one choice for inspecting three-dimensional objects in nature and technology, as well as in specimen preparation for research and teaching.

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SPOT Pursuit digital camera for microscopy

Zeiss Stemi DV4 Stereo Microscope

The Stemi DV4 features a patented compact zoom system: a continuously variable magnification range guaranteeing high-resolution, brilliant images from overview (8x) to detail (32x). The image remains precisely in focus over the entire zoom range, which is an exceptional feature in this price category.

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SPOT RT3 microscope camera

Zeiss SteREO Discovery Stereo Microscope

With the SteREO Discovery, Carl Zeiss has proven all its experience and competence, and has driven this system of common main objective stereo microscopes to the limits of what is optically feasible. The SteREO Discovery.V12 and V20, with their maximum NAs of 0.144, are among the most powerful stereo microscopes in the world.

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Zoom Microscopes

SPOT HDVision video microscope camera

Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 Microscope

With Axio Zoom.V16 Carl Zeiss defines a new class of microscopes. Combine typical advantages of stereomicroscopes, like zoom and working distance with the higher resolution of compound microscopes. With its zoomrange of 16:1 continue switching effortlessly between overview and detailed view without changing the objective.

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Inverted Microscopes

SPOT Xplorer cooled CCD camera

Zeiss Primo Vert Inverted Microscope

The inverted microscope Primo Vert is focused on the essentials: excellent optical quality, ease of use, choice of high quality materials, and an appealing design - all with an affordable price.

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SPOT Xplorer cooled CCD camera

Zeiss Axio Vert A1 Inverted Microscope

Axio Vert.A1 is a compact, inverted microscope that brings you big insights into your objectives. Choose from all standard contrasting techniques, including DIC, to investigate your cell cultures. Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside your incubator. Look into the very essence of your research while keeping your cell culture in its own protected environment.

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