SPOT Imaging is a manufacturer of scientific CCD and CMOS cameras, SPOT software, microscope adapters, boom stands, macro imaging systems, and telepathology solutions. We also stock imaging accessories from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Microscope Cameras

Scientific digital microscope cameras for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy applications.

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Camera to Microscope Adapters

Camera to Microscope Adapters

Connect your camera to your microscope with one of our large range of high quality adapters.

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Digital Pathology Imaging Solutions

Pathology Gross Imaging

Complete imaging systems designed specifically for gross macro imaging.

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Imaging Software for Microscopy

Imaging Software

SPOT Basic software is a simple to use image capture application, SPOT Advanced provides more sophisticated control over camera functions, and MetaMorph software enables quantitative image analysis.

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Microscope Boom Stands for Large Samples

Microscope Boom Stands

The boom stands from SPOT Imaging provide stable support and fluid motion for stereo microscopes and cameras, with a variety of base options.

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Real Time Telepathology


Simple telepathology systems enable remote consults and collaboration with offsite colleagues in real time.

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Pathology Microscope Imaging

Pathology Microscope Imaging

PathScope microscope imaging system improves productivity for pathologists.

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Optical Interference Filters

Optical Filters

Our diverse range of optical interference filters for the ultra-violet, visible, and near-infrared portions of the spectrum.

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Filter Wheels for Automated Wavelength Switching

Filter Wheels

Leading edge filter wheels and controllers for automated high speed wavelength switching in fluorescence microscopy applications.

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Thermal Stages and Incubators

Thermal Stages & Incubators

Heating stages and stage top incubators for reliable control of environmental conditions.

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Motorized Focus Drives

Focus Drives

Fast, smooth and accurate automated focus control for your microscope reduces focus drift and drive errors.

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Micromanipulators and Microinjectors

Micromanipulators & Microinjectors

Complete micromanipulation and microinjection systems for precise movement and optimal cell penetration.

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OEM Cameras

OEM Offerings

Custom CCD and CMOS cameras, lighting and optical components for fast product integration.

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Microscope Shutters


Industry-leading shutter systems enable precise control of microscope light souces.

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