SPOT Testimonials


“The PathStand 2 is the Cadillac of macrophotography stations. If you are looking for an upgrade to your existing platform and want to produce publication worthy images each and every time you snap a picture, I highly recommend this platform – you will not be disappointed.”

“After conducting research, we came to the conclusion that the PathStand 2 (SPOT Imaging) appeared to be the most superior macrophotography platform on the market. We contacted their knowledgeable and friendly staff, received a quote, purchased two stations (one for autopsy and one for surgical) and are extremely pleased with our results. Not only did the PathStand 2 acquire more vibrant, crisp images than we obtained with our conventional lightbox, but it also comes with software enabling the user to annotate as desired (case number, digital ruler, block maps, volume, area, etc.!) and move the images automatically to the location of interest!”

Steve Taylor, MHS, PA(ASCP)CM



“Delighted to connect Spot Imaging system with medical practitioners and bio research firms in Hyderbad, perfect innovative ecosystem. U.S. cutting-edge research and medical products improve global health outcomes.”

Katherine Hadda, U.S Consulate General, Hyderabad, India